'Feel safer around your horse, and strengthen your relationship by teaching both voice and touch cues!'

Here’s the secret…most people don’t feel safe because they don’t know how to move their horse away from them and out of their space.

And they worry they are going to ruin the relationship with their horse if they make a mistake asking them to move.

Let me explain; when a horse steps into their herdmates’s personal space, they are quickly moved away and out of the herd’s space. The herd uses specific body language, vocal and touch signals to communicate.

Horses don’t want to push into people’s space, but if something scares them, their flight instinct kicks in, and if you don't have the correct communication strategies in place, you could get run into or knocked to the ground. 

And you really won't ruin your relationship with your horse when you teach them how to move away and out of your space. In fact, you will develop and strengthen both your confidence levels by establishing boundaries.

In ‘Learn to Safely Move Your How Away Using Combined Cues’, I'll teach you:

- The sciences of equine behavior theories and reward-based training so you can understand WHY horses behave as they do and how you can help change those behaviors. 

- How to easily combine verbal and touch cues to ask your horse to move in a way you both understand.  

For a limited time, included in this course, is a bonus session of me coaching a live lesson with Molly, a longtime student, and her new 22 month old filly, Nirvana. 

In this lesson, Molly introduces the foundations of the clicker and target for positive reinforcement practice, and the verbal and touch cues, for teaching Nirvana how to move away from steady feel/guidance. 

You can hear the dialogue between Molly and I about what we are observing. This live lesson is valuable to watch the instinctual traits of both horse and human come forward with their feedback to each other about the suggestions to move.

What do people say about Learn to Safely Move Your How Away Using Combined Cues?

"I've been working with a 2-year old filly who has little experience with humans. This was the perfect refresher course to give me an easy curriculum for us to dip our toes in the water as we get to know and trust each other. Spice says THANK YOU Karen!"

~Laura, rescue horse mom and educator

Moving Hindquarters Away

Moving the horse's hinquarters

with light touch.

Moving Shoulder Away

Moving the horse's shoulders

away with light touch.

Moving Away and

Out of My Space

For safety, being able to move your horse out of your space is your #1 priority.

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Karen Jones, Course Guide

Karen is a Mentor and Coach with Motivational Horsemanship and Creator of the Motivational Horsemanship Online Learning Center.

For over 40 years, I’ve been mentoring horse owners to build foundational skills, expand their toolboxes, and learn to communicate with their equine partners, creating safe and strong horse-human relationships.  

My desire is to help horse owners understand their horse’s behaviors, while addressing their mental and emotional needs through reward-based training. 

By teaching owners how to train their own horses, and not send them to a trainer, they become the relationship and trust builder.

They become the lead mare, the one whose whisper is listened to and the one who is followed.

Teaching Humans. Training Horses. Transforming Relationships.