Motivational Horsemanship Learning Center

Online Courses created for horse and human training from the
comfort of your home and barn - on your timeline.

*Courses that teach the sciences of equine behavior and reward based training.
*Courses for increased communication and trust building in your training.
*Courses that strengthen your relationship, bond and connection.
*Courses that guide with an integrative approach to training and horse care.

Bonus learning...

Not only did Karen's "My Horse is Great Except...." course teach me the science of learning, along with proper techniques and skills as promised, but it also taught me how to learn independently, how to stick with a problem or challenge and find ways of solving it.

The course taught me to expertise to enable me to continue to develop my horsemanship skills beyond the virtual classroom."

~Molly Young

Karen Jones, Course Guide and Creator of Motivational Horsemanship.

Karen is a Coach and Mentor with Motivational Horsemanship.

I mentor horse owners to build their foundational skills, expand their toolboxes and learn to communicate with their equine partners, creating safe and strong horse-human relationships.

From Karen: "Improving the relationship between horses and their humans is my passion. Teaching humans to train their own horses, rather than sending them to a trainer, transforms their relationships.

Self development, personal growth, new theories and techniques allow me to teach and train towards optimal learning and listening for horse and human."

Karen and Sage